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General conditions applicable to the use of the Marcel Tours site.


Scope. These general conditions (the "Marcel Tours general conditions") govern access to the website Its use as well as access to any other content and the establishment of contracts (the "service contracts ”) Through the website, by phone or email with service users (“ service users ”).

"Users" under the terms of these general conditions are natural and legal persons who use the site after or without registering with Marcel Tours for the use of the services. The registration and conclusion of service contracts through the platform is only possible for natural persons fully capable under the law, legal persons and associations.

Service providers may be service providers registered (i) with Marcel Tours for the use of the platform (the “platform service providers”) or with a transport network operator (l “Transport network operator”) with which Marcel Tours collaborates in order to place service contracts (the “transport network service provider”). The transmission network service providers operate in accordance with the regulations of the transmission network.


2.Services. Services include one-way transfers (transfer from a defined starting point to a defined destination or transfer from a defined starting point without a defined destination) and hourly reservations (provision

of a coach / vehicle with driver for a specific period).


3.Acceptance of the general conditions. By accessing, registering or using the platform, the user accepts the application of these general conditions. Language of the contract. The language of the contract is French


4.Data confidentiality. Marcel Tours and the service providers collect and store the personal data necessary for the execution of commercial transactions. The processing of this personal data is carried out by them in compliance with the legal requirements in this area. The Site Marcel Tours privacy policy can be viewed at



II. Registration for the use of the platform.

Registration in view of the use of the platform is carried out on a voluntary basis and is free. To complete the registration process, the user is asked to provide specific information (such as first and last name, email address). If the user submits a registration request online, the contract information is displayed to allow the user to confirm it before the registration request is sent and the user still has the option to correct this information before sending the request.


III. Contractual relationship and conclusion of contracts

Service contracts between the user and the service providers are concluded through the site as follows:

Sending a reservation request. First, the user indicates the desired service (eg a one-way trip or an hourly reservation) and completes the form on the platform's reservation screen. The price or the estimated price of the service is then displayed for each defined reservation category. An estimate of the price is displayed if the price is calculated based on individual factors, such as time and distance. The user then chooses a reservation category and confirms their payment method, billing information and contact information for providing the service.

Formation of a service contract. When a user sends a reservation request via the site, by phone or by email to Marcel Tours for a service to be provided and upon receipt of a reservation request, Marcel Tours sends the user an email, a notification , a text message or a message on the platform acknowledging receipt of the reservation request and including the information received. Marcel Tours transmits other messages and information to the user in accordance with the procedures put in place by the transport network operator (e.g. the name of the driver, the vehicle's license plate, its make and model. ).

Accuracy of Information. The user is required to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information, and to immediately notify Marcel Tours of any changes. Failure to do so may prevent the user from using the services or result in the termination of a service contract.


IV. Annulation of service contracts

Terms of cancelation. The user can cancel a service contract free of charge or against payment of a fee depending on the conditions that apply to the category of the reservation and the service contract in accordance with local laws and regulations in force. the procedure, all cancellation requests must be sent by email or phone rather possible.


V. Payment of the price to be paid under service contracts

All prices agreed in the service contract are due immediately as soon as the services provided for in the contract are provided in full and include any applicable legal fees and taxes, the price of one-way reservations applies to the agreed route without stopover or detour. If a reservation is the subject of a package, the user is required to pay the agreed amount even if the traveler arrives at his destination earlier than expected or ends the trip before its end. the user a summary of the race, an invoice or a receipt of the price of the race carried out. If the user does not receive any invoice, the user can contact the Marcel Tours assistance service.


VI. Responsibility - Force Majeure - Legislation

1. Marcel Tours is responsible only towards the user, in particular with regard to his contractual obligations under this section VI.

Marcel Tours is liable for any damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence by their employees or intermediary agents as well as in the event of damage resulting from bodily harm in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.


2. Force majeure. If events or circumstances outside the sphere of influence of Marcel Tours or a service provider make it impossible to fulfill their respective contractual obligations, Marcel Tours or the service provider, depending on the affected party, will be released from its obligation to perform. In particular, disruptions during COVID periods, disruptions or defects due to demonstrations and very harsh weather conditions are considered to be force majeure.


3. Applicable legislation. The contractual relationship between the user and Marcel Tours and the service contracts with the platform's service providers are governed exclusively by the law of the French Republic.

Competent jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with this contract and individual contracts is the court of Reims.





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